Artist Promotion


We have ensured the press relations of over 300 artists whether they’re label signed artists or independent artists.


Press agency for all medias since 2008 (press, radio, TV, web), we have cultivated a solid address book and work in close collaboration with french medias to communicate on your projects, whether to promote an album, single or EP release, or promote a festival or tour.


Our job consists in scheduling meetings with national radios, establishing media partnerships, launching your music videos on TV, programming promo days, premieres, contests, editing promotion reportings and building press reviews.


And since there is rarely any success without a beautiful story, we help you build and define your storytelling to communicate efficiently.  


References :

  • Artists :  Mickey3D, Le Soldat Rose, Thomas Dutronc, Blanco Brown, Peter Von Poehl, Cabadzi x Blier, Adrienne Pauly, Alexis HK, Absynthe Minded, Oldelaf, Rivière Noire, La Rue Kétanou, Les Ogres de Barback, Debout Sur Le Zinc, Jil is Lucky, Melissmell, Cyril Mokaiesh, Yves Jamait, Orange Blossom, Barcella, Thomas Fersen, Michel Petrucciani, Allain Leprest, Les Cowboys Fringants…


  • Labels : Mercury, Universal Classics et Jazz, BMG Rights Management, Tôt ou Tard, AZ, Wagram, Because, Pias, Sony Music, Roy Music, La Familia, Zamora, Blue Line, PBox, Bleu Citron…


  • Festivals/venues : Festival de Marne, Festival Europavox, Pan Piper, L’Alternatif (La Défense)...

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