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E-shop & white label



Goldman Sachs noted this in its foresight carried out on the future of the music industry (the linkhere): online stores will become a major source of income for musical projects.

Owning your own online store has many advantages:

-own the contactsof its customers

- collect amaximum of dates

- increase itsmargins

And that's good: we support you in the creation and promotion of your shops!

We established a digital eco-system allowing you to track your sales and understand your fanbase better.


Cybercommerce has revolutionized our consumption habits by cutting out the middleman and bringing closer together independent producers and consumers.  


Ordering online has become an integrative part of our social habits. That is why the configuration of e-shops constitutes a real opportunity to develop your client portfolio. 

We also launch white label ticket sales in collaboration with Fnac and Digitick on which we track users with our conversion pixels. 


Your e-business is consequently perfectly controlled, managed and optimized to generate maximum sales.

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